Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The school/college of engineering shall have student co-curricular engineering activities directed towards individual development and entrance into the profession.

7.3.3 Policies for Selection and Retention

Each institution shall have a clear selection and retention policy. Admission Requirements

1. Admission

The administration of each school/college of engineering shall require all students to meet the following entrance standards:

a. All students shall pass an engineering aptitude examination administered by the school/college of engineering before being admitted to an engineering program.

b. The school shall have established minimum standards for aptitude test scores for students enrolled in any engineering program.

2. Graduation

Each student shall satisfy all requirements for graduation as provided by existing school and CHED rules and standards before being awarded a degree in a specific field of engineering education program. Retention Policies

There shall be a written retention policies being implemented by the school for both the students and faculties to maintain quality academic standards. Transferees

Students who transfer to the college shall have their records evaluated so that subjects taken by the students in other institutions can be credited five (5) years. Class Schedule

The school/college of engineering shall publish a schedule of classes for students and faculty use prior to the enrolment period of each semester. Staff Handbook

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